Security Patrol

This added-value service offers quicker response times than you might get from the police and keeps you from incurring city-levied fines for responses to false alarms.

Protect your business with fast response times and no city-levied fines for false alarms.

The standard processes are still in place: you can deactivate the alarm if you know the source of the problem, and if you don’t deactivate it, a Securitas Technology representative will phone you directly to make sure everyone in your home or business is safe.

The difference is, if we’re unable to get in touch, we’ll send professional security to investigate your property before getting the police involved.

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Security Patrol = Faster response times

Depending on where you live, the police may have to prioritize calls and may deprioritize an alarm that may or may not be false, leaving plenty of time for real threats to create serious problems. For example, as of 2018, Toronto police do not respond to alerts without verification: an eyewitness account, multiple alarms, or audio/video confirmation. Securitas Technology’s patrol service comes out right away.

Security Patrol = Avoid unnecessary charges

In Canada, depending on your province, your first false alarm could cost you as much as $120. It’s a steep price for a potential false alarm created. Fines for subsequent false alarms can double, triple, or even quadruple in price.

Our security patrol team will search your property for the source of the disturbance. In cases of a false alarm, they’ll do a tour of your location (residential or commercial) and call back our alarm center to give them a report of the situation they can see from the outside and confirm if there were any signs of forced entry or not, so the police don’t have to get involved. They’ll also let you know what caused the alarm so you can take preventative measures.

If they verify a threat, they’ll contact the police as security experts with visual proof, which will prioritize your incident.

Security patrol guards stands near metal gate.

Choose Securitas Technology for your expert security patrol needs

We’ve been handling security since 1843 and this is one more way we’re improving our services for you. Save money. Get help faster. And never have to rush back to deactivate a false alarm. If you want an extra level of protection and a way to maintain a good reputation with local law enforcement, contact a Securitas Technology representative to add our security patrol service to your current plan.

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